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  • Material: The kada is made of oxidized silver 92.5% Purity, giving it a distinct antique appearance. Oxidized silver is silver that has been intentionally exposed to oxygen, creating a darkened patina on the surface, which enhances the intricate designs and engravings.
  • Design: The kada features intricate engravings of Lord Ram, a revered figure in Hindu mythology, along with other symbolic motifs such as floral patterns, geometric designs, or religious symbols like the Om symbol. These engravings are meticulously crafted to showcase the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance associated with Lord Ram.
  • Meaning: For believers in Hinduism, wearing a kada with the engraving of Lord Ram signifies devotion to the deity and a connection to the divine. It serves as a reminder of the values and teachings embodied by Lord Ram, such as righteousness, courage, and compassion.

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